掏耳朵要交給專業才安心,與日本同步的掏耳專門店!為掏耳達人特別推薦,掏耳朵為一門專業,保證使用一人一套拋棄式護理用品,且掏耳朵過程全程直播讓人安心看得到。 掏耳如同把耳朵徹底大掃除,有耳朵癢、耳朵悶塞感、耳朵有咔咔聲、覺得自己清耳朵清不乾淨等,歡迎您來體驗看看!

When you have an itchy ear, or when you feel your ears are stuffy or stifling,please come to the ear-pick specialist and enjoy the painless ear cleaning process which is very comfortable.It’s dangerous to use a cotton swab to pick your own ears.We use the Japanese Style manipulation to clean your ears, so you will feel relaxing during the process and find refreshment after the Ear Spa.Please come to the best curette in Taiwan, located in Taipei, and enjoy the professional Ear Spa


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